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MIM Encore®

A Perfect Solution for Nuclear Medicine, SPECT and PET

We are conscious of the critical role efficiency plays in your department's capacity to provide first-rate patient care. A Nuclear Medicine solution developed by MIM Software will not only improve your workflow but also provide you with effective tools for speedier diagnosis. MIM Software is in charge of overseeing the workflow in nuclear medicine.

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Practical Nuclear Medicine Automation

Prime Your Nuclear Medicine Department for Efficienc

Departments of nuclear medicine require workable solutions to reduce waiting times while upholding a high standard of patient care. How will you manage the demand as therapy volumes continue to rise? Consider how you can compromise between efficiency and care by standardising your diagnostic workflow.

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Remote reading will remain popular.

How Can it Be Better?

Hospital solutions like VPN and local hosting, as well as other cloud solutions, bring about extra issues like a lack of security and subpar performance. What does your process look like now that working remotely is most likely here to stay?

Quantitative Image Guidance

*Allows physicians to decide with confidence.
*LesionID® supports the calculation of individual statistics based on user-customizable cut-off criteria, such as PERCIST, as well as the total tumour burden.


Industry-Leading Auto-Segmentation Tool

*No matter who is doing the contouring, it provides accurate contours.
*A gradient-based method for automatically drawing the contour boundary by identifying the sharpest decline in SUV values.
*Statistically more precise than a widely used thresholding method.

Learn more: MIM Encore provides a solution that makes it simple to incorporate the most recent therapy response statistics, from the initial PET/CT to numerous follow-up exams. PET Edge® is a gradient-based technique that automatically generates the contour boundary by detecting the steepest drop-off in SUV values, making it statistically more accurate than a typical thresholding technique. Radiation Oncology can use PET Edge ROIs in their treatment planning software.

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Personalize Your Workflow

*Construct unique displays that are geared toward your Nuclear Medicine department's preferences.
*Compatible with PowerScribe® 360 dictation software and Radiology PACS.

Learn more : The adaptable user interface of MIM Encore enables you to tailor reading workflows to the preferences of the department and enhance the clinical workflow. For a truly seamless experience, integrate MIM Encore into the hospital's current PACS or with PowerScribe® 360.

Vendor Neutral

*View and edit pictures from almost any camera maker.
*Supports all imaging techniques, including interventional, CT, MR, PET, and SPECT.

Learn more : Departments of nuclear medicine are frequently confined to using dated workstations with antiquated software that is bound to the modality. The common platform that MIM Encore offers for both displaying and processing images from virtually any camera manufacturer make and model can serve as the foundation of your Nuclear Medicine department.

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Referrer Collaboration

*Execute effective communication with coworkers.
*Save your conclusions for the tumour board meetings.
*Before sending processed Nuclear Medicine results to PACS, review them.

Data Management

*Storage of quantitative data and automatic extraction of patient statistics.
*Multi-institutional research is facilitated by cloud-based storage.

Learn more: How does your clinic currently handle quantification management? Solutions from MIM Software make it simple to gather useful data from all of the imaging data gathered in the Nuclear Medicine division. To establish response and outcome thresholds, auto-extracting statistics from patients is useful. Additionally, cloud storage enables improved institutional research support.


Advanced Therapy Response Tools

*Native support for SUVpeak, Total Lesion Glycolysis, and Metabolic Tumor Volume.
*Save time and enrich your report with useful information.

Learn more: Utilize the ground-breaking statistics tools in MIM Encore to track and monitor metrics like Metabolic Tumor Volume, Total Lesion Glycolysis, SUVpeak, and common linear measurements. Utilize the Findings Tracker to automatically record and bookmark measurements. MIM Encore findings can be incorporated into a structured report, exported to PACS, or filled out in a PowerScribe® 360 report.


Powerful State-Saving


*Before sending to PACS, processed Nuclear Medicine results can be reviewed.
*Preserve findings and other pertinent data for presentation at tumour board meetings.
*Work with a colleague on a case.

Learn more: Before screen captures are automatically sent to the hospital PACS, a physician can confirm the outcomes of a renal MAG3 exam by saving a session in MIM Encore. This reduces the stress that can typically result from improper image processing. Using session saves can be beneficial for Tumor Board meetings as well. During presentations, doctors can quickly refer back to the results of the laborious measurements they made by saving them.

Advancing Theranostics

Through the use of theranostics, clinicians can choose the best treatments based on imaging and then administer the treatments focused on the same imaged targets. The sophisticated segmentation, image registration, and dosimetry tools in MIM Encore are capable of handling the most recent developments in this area.

* Tools for creating organ and tumour VOI that save time.

All in One Software System

  • Nuclear Medicine MiniPACS.

  • Complete integration with all MIM Software programmes.

  • Workflow and automated data management tools.

  • Long-term reserve for unprocessed nuclear medicine examinations.

Take Control of Clinical Automation

MIM Assistant®

Process, Store, and Back Up Data Efficiently

MIM System Manager™

Track the condition of the on-site MIM servers.

  • control service and connectivity statuses.
              -Determine a case's status within a workflow without getting in touch with an administrator.                            

  • Track the status of the workflow at each stage, including queued, running, and completed.

  • Any device can access through a web browser. Software is not necessary.


All Access, All the Time

  • ​Instant Access: Instead of using a CD, share images right away.

  • Patient-Friendly: Give patients online or through VueMe™ access to their exams.

  • Secure: Has military-grade encryption that supports HIPAA compliance.

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Use licenced features wherever you have internet access, including at home and on the go.

  • Simple log-in process through any modern web browser.

  • No local hosting, plugins, or VPNs are required.

  • All encrypted clinical data is available by utilizing automated mirroring.

  • Control access to specific licenses on a per-user basis.

  • Achieve real-time collaboration with colleagues or referring physicians


Securely Access MIM from Anywhere

MIM Zero Footprint™
  • To ensure accuracy in perfusion imaging, the industry's best image registration is used.

  • Advanced left ventricular segmentation has many advantages over conventional segmentation techniques.

  • Stress/rest or perfusion/metabolic exams can be distinguished from one another using automated perfusion and viability difference imaging.

  • Polar plots.

Cardiac Analysis Platform

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Visualize the Difference in Brain Analysis

With our quantitative analysis software at work, we make it easy for you to review your exams and gather your results. Experience multi-tracer support and quick quantitative analysis – all at your fingertips.​

  • BrainAlign™, a market-leading registration technique, ensures precise brain comparisons.

  • FDG, HMPAO, Amyvid™, NeuraCeq™, Vizamyl™, and DaTscan™ all have multi-tracer support.

  • ability to use robust subtraction imaging to track changes over multiple examinations.

MIMneuro supports:

  • PET - FDG, Amyvid™, NeuraCeq™, Vizamyl™.

  • SPECT - HMPAO, DaTscan™.

  • Build your own normal database for additional tracers.

  • Dynamic image analysis

Multi-Tracer Support


Easy Visual Analysis

  • Voxel-based analysis with color-coded overlays.

  • Cluster analysis to refine your results for more confident interpretation.

  • Region-based analysis with Z-score tables and SUVR statistics.

  • Cortical surface projections for an overall visual perception.


Accurate Registration Technique

  • Align your scans correctly for precise quantitative analysis.

  • Our landmark-based deformation algorithm, BrainAlign™, makes sure that each case is accurate and consistent.

  • Specific tracers can be accommodated by multiple-template registrations.

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MIM SurePlan™ MRT

Advancing Molecular Radiotherapy

MIM SurePlan MRT provides timesaving tools for organ and tumor segmentation, deformable registration, and voxel-based dosimetry for Molecular Radiotherapy for numerous SPECT and PET isotopes. Find out more in Multi-Tracer Theranostics below.

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MIM SurePlan™ MRT

The process of calculating a patient-specific dose need not take much longer than usual. MIM SurePlan MRT is a single solution that combines efficient dosimetry, organ and tumour segmentation, deformable registration, and communication tools that lessen clinical effort.

Advancing Molecular Radiotherapy

MIM SurePlan MRT standardizes the dosimetry process in a single, vendor-neutral solution. Automation is integrated at every step of the process to help Nuclear Medicine departments capture the therapy opportunity, without sacrificing patient care.

Vendor-Neutral Quantitative Corrections

Advancing Molecular Radiotherapy

Quantitative SPECT reconstruction is supported by MIM SurePlan MRT, ensuring that reconstruction can be carried out using your current cameras. A vendor-neutral platform can also aid in standardising reconstructions throughout your department.

Leveraging our experience in Radiation Oncology, MIM Software offers several industry-leading segmentation tools to help you save time in the dosimetry process. These include atlas-based segmentation available for normal structures, our new artificial intelligence platform for automatic segmentation of normal structures, and a single-click tool for tumor segmentation.

This state-of-the-art dosimetry process allows estimation of the absorbed dose with only a single SPECT/CT, further reducing the requirements needed to perform dosimetry

MIM SurePlan MRT supports dosimetry for multiple SPECT and PET isotopes, including Lu-177, I-131, I-123, I-124, Cu-64, Cu-67, Ga-68, Ga-67, F-18, In-111, Tc-99m, Sm-153, Sr-89, Sn-117m, Y-90, Ac-225, Ra-223, Pb-212, Re-186, Re-188, and Zr-89.

Vendor-Neutral Quantitation

MIM SurePlan MRT provides vendor-neutral quantitative SPECT reconstruction with SPECTRA Quant® and planar corrections to provide activity concentration measurements for time-activity curve generation and dosimetry calculations.

Save time and improve accuracy over conventional registration techniques with MIM’s automatic image registration to propagate VOIs between timepoints with minimal or no adjustment.

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Patient-Specific Dosimetry

MIM SurePlan MRT performs voxel-based absorbed dose calculation using the patient's own anatomy. MIM SurePlan MRT calculates dose using the voxel s-value (VSV) schema in MIRD Pamphlet No. 17 and provides dose maps and DVH curves for analysis. 

Integrated Dosimetry Reporting

MIM SurePlan MRT offers an integrated reporting solution that allows for the incorporation of images and statistics into reports to provide more information to referring physicians about the treatment course.

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Contour ProtégéAI™

Make an Impact with Automated Contouring

Contour ProtégéAI is a clinically practical auto-contouring solution that uses deep learning algorithms to generate accurate initial results that require minimal editing. Auto-contouring is an essential part of the more holistic solution, MIM SurePlan MRT, designed to automate and standardize every step of your radiopharmaceutical therapy workflow – from image acquisition to reporting.

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