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Simplifying Complexity in Treatments by AI Enabled Workflow 

Empowering to Personalize Everything!

Advanced PET-CT & SPECT-CT Workstation

MIM Encore®

MIM Software's Nuclear Medicine solution improves workflow and speeds up diagnosis in patient care. The company also manages the workflow in nuclear medicine.

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MIM neuro®

Visualize the Difference in Brain Analysis

Quantitative analysis software at work, we make it easy for you to review your exams and gather your results. Experience multi-tracer support and quick quantitative analysis – all at your fingertips.​


MIM SurePlan™ MRT

Molecular Radiotherapy Dosimetry
(Voxel Based-USFDA Approved)

MIM SurePlan MRT provides timesaving tools for organ and tumor segmentation, deformable registration, and voxel-based dosimetry for Molecular Radiotherapy for numerous SPECT and PET isotopes. Find out more in Multi-Tracer Theranostics below.

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MIM SurePlan™ LiverY90

A Comprehensive Dosimetry Solution for Y90
(Voxel Based-USFDA Approved

MIM SurePlan LiverY90 offers time-saving tools for post-treatment dosimetry using Y90-PET and Bremsstrahlung SPECT, deformable registration, and liver and tumour segmentation.

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