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Simplifying Complexity in Treatments by AI Enabled Workflow 

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Advanced Nuclear Medicine Solutions for Diagnosis and Therapy with Exceptional Customer support and Training

"Discovering the Deep Truth Inside"

Cold Kits

Hot lab accessories

Radio Pharmaceutical

Radiation Detection Equipment's


Research &


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Cold Kits

Hot lab accessories

Radio Pharmaceutical

Radiation Detection Equipment's


Radio TLC
Dose Calibrator

Calibration Sources

Multichannel Analyser
Well / Wipe Test Counter


MIM Neuro 

MIM MRT Dosimetry 

PET and SPECT Workstation


O18 Water

Cassettes & Consumables

Tracers & Reagents


(Interactive Anatomy For Classroom And Remote Learning)



(Interactive Anatomy For Classroom And Remote Learning)

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Hot Cells

Radio TLC
Radio HPLC

Synthesis Module



(Interactive Anatomy For Classroom And Remote Learning)


Our Partners

Advanced nuclear medicine technology for diagnostic and therapeutic use.


About Esente

Partnering to Discover and Protect 

Affordable, Effective and Accessible cancer diagnosis and therapy is among the most critical and worthy goals for humanity. At Esente, this goal is our commitment. We are dedicated to working with clinicians and researchers to make this goal a reality.  We use innovative nuclear medicine and advanced molecular imaging technologies to bring together most precise imaging and data analysis to revolutionize the way cancer is diagnosed and treated.  We persistently strive to meet various unmet needs of patients to drive better clinical outcomes in diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis. 

At Esente Healthcare, we focus on research and development in molecular imaging and value-added supply of cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic products. We offer a range of products and services, from highest quality radiation protection to AI enabled personalized dosimetry software. Our all products- cold kits, radiopharmaceuticals, devices and equipment- are designed with greater precision, quality and safety to help nuclear medicine professionals 
and improve the lives of patients.  

What we do

At Esente, we prioritise maximising the availability of advanced radiopharmaceuticals to more people around us for early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We ensure the quality, safety, reliable supply with responsible pricing by our global strategic partnerships with innovators in molecular imaging and leading isotope producers. We unite the knowledge gained by partnering with nuclear medicine professionals, global radio pharma leaders and our commitment to molecular imaging to address the challenges in theranostics and benefit patients. We focus on the science of targeted radionuclide therapy with simplified radiolabeling technologies.

 We provide the solutions to simplify everyday life of doctors, technologists, researchers and engineers in radio pharmacies and industrial radiation research laboratories. Our products and solutions are crafted to make the tasks more efficient and easier. What we do in nuclear medicine & molecular imaging is highlighted in green.

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Cyclotron Facility

The facilily produces radionuclides, which are extremely short-lived positron-emitting fluoride, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen isotopes.

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Radiochemical Lab/Radiopharmacy

A complete range of radiation protection solution designed for handling various energy ranges, 

Shielding material, Personal shielding, monitoring devices, stable isotopes etc


Quality Control

Range of quality control tools and instruments such as  Radio TLC, Phantoms, Calibration & Reference Sources, 

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Dose Preparation

Radioisotopes, Generators, Cold kits, Tracers, Chemicals, reagents for PET , SPECT and Targeted therapy. Automated synthesizers, cassettes, dispensers etc

Introduction of RP.png

Introduction of RP

An amount of the preparation is calculated and administered intravenously to the patient.



Advanced PETCT & SPECT workstation, Image processing software and  Dosimetry

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We will ensure the provision of shielding for the process.


Our Clients

Empowering healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes.


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