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3D Anatomy Teaching

An Integrated Anatomy Teaching Device with 3D Interactive Dissection Table & Personalised App for Students

Pirogov Interactive Anatomy 3D Digital Dissection Table

with U/S, CT & MRI Cross Sectional Data


Reasons to implement

- Accurate 3D anatomy atlas

- Use for macro-groups: seminars,
conferences, workshops

- Teach in-class and distantly

- Work in groups and individually

- Install on your personal and
students’ devices

- Assess your students’ knowledge

Possibilities of use

- Unlimited number of “digital dissection"

- Create anatomic scenes for your
presentations and share them

- Study normal and pathological s
tates of organs

- Enhance your students’ under-
standing of ultrasound, CT, MRI

Consists of:

Interactive Anatomy Table —
a powerful touch table with
Pirogov Interactive Anatomy Atlas

Pirogov Anatomy App for teachers
and students - 3D atlas with full
functionality at any device
(Windows, IOS, Android)

What's inside the Interactive Anatomy Table and the Pirogov Application?

Screenshot 2023-01-20 161848_edited.png

3D model of the real male and female human bodies and its organs in full size - carry “digital dissection" with high precision and detail and study the anatomy systematically, layer by layer, system by system, by parts of the body and each organ separately.

All names of anatomy objects in 
the chosen language and in Latin, all objects have descriptions Clinical examples for various pathologies.

Clinical examples for various pathologies.

Ultrasound, CT and MRI data with 
markings of organs on the 3D body model.

Testing and assessment system.

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