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Radiation Detection Equipments

Dose Calibrator & Well Counter

  • 8 in. color VGA touch screen display

  • Single or optional second plug-and-play chamber capability

  • Chamber can be placed 100 feet from the readout unit

  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) Software

  • On screen display of Nuclide Name, Number, Activity, Unit of Measure and Calibration Number

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RDS-80™ Contamination Survey Meter

  • Wide measurement range: up to 100 000 cps or 1 000 000 Bq/cm2

  • Standard surface contamination measurements in cps or Bq/cm2

  • Contamination measurements with histogram function

  • Visual and audible alarms

  • Easy-to-use design

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Ludlum- Area Monitor 375​

  • Digital Controller for Radiation Monitoring

  • Supports GM, Proportional, Scintillator & Neutron Detectors

  • Adjustable Audio & Visual Alarms


Pulsecosystem- Area Monitor​

  • Gamma, X-Ray

  • DetectorInternally / Externally mounted halogen quenched GM detector

  • DisplayFour Digit LED Display, with separate LEDs for visual alarm indications

  • AudioSettable low and high alarms, Detector failure alarm

  • Measuring Range (Select One)Available Units: mR/h, µR/h, R/h, µSv/h, mSv/h, CPS, CPM, kCPM


Radiation Alert Ranger

  • Internal Halogen-quenched, uncompensated GM tube with thin mica window, 1.4-2.0 mg/cm2 areal density. Effective diameter of window is 45 mm (1.77 in.)

  • Operating Range

mR/hr – .001 (1µR) to 100

CPM – 0 to 350,000

µSv/hr – .01 to 1000

CPS – 0 to 5000

  • Total Counts- 1 to 9,999,000 counts



  • Used to provide the wearer with an immediate reading of his or her exposure to x-rays and gamma rays.

  • worn in the pocket.

  • The two types commonly used in industrial radiography are - the Direct Read Pocket Dosimeter and the Digital Electronic Dosimeter.

Thyroid Uptake System

  • New and improved color touch screen user interface

  • Large 20 inch all-in-one touch screen computer

  • Optional fully integrated DICOM interface for patient data, QC and wipe tests

  • Custom Protocol included as standard

  • Ergonomically designed mobile stand

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